Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beartrap - Nailed Shut ep (2011) Boston

Record release cover.

To Live A Lie cover.

Here's one I originally found on a blog who put up the digital
download they recieved with the 7''. The digital download was
never ripped correctly, songs cut off in beginnings and ends.
About 5 different blogs put up that horrible rip of this ep. I
asked the band to send it to me as 1 MP3, but they were on
Tour at the time and didn't have access to their stuff. Finally,
just recently a blog ripped the 7'' as Side A and Side B, what a
relief ! Now that I have the ability to do my magic, I finally did !
Did the best I could with this recording, songs very short and
jammed together. Fucking excellent ep, definitely worth
re-editing !!!!! Here you go !

01 Intro - Leadmouth
02 Absentminded
03 Lack of Effort
04 Drop Like Flies
05 Overbearing
06 Execution Style
07 Trashtown
08 No Home For The Restless
09 Nailed Shut
10 Shitting Needles
11 Mouthguard
12 20/20
13 Shit End of The Stick
14 Damaged Kids
15 God, Fearing Youth
16 Push and Pull

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  1. link is dead can you please send me this EP?