Monday, September 19, 2011

Usurper - Demo (2010) Boston

This Demo was sent to me by my bud Mr. Scud, from the extinct band
Scatterbrained. Really good band from Boston area that is currently
done because of band members moving around. One of the dudes in
band sent me the track list, which made it alot easier to split. My friend
 Alex asked to post this one on his blog a few months back (No Punks In 
K-Town blog), which I said no problem. Damn good Demo! Hopefully
this band gets back together at some point, very talented youngsters !

01 Intro - Facial Apocalypse
02 Fuck City
03 Thunderhead
04 Tallow Moss and Bone
                                            05 Glueniverse, Being... Realms
                                            06 Tut Tut, It Looks Like Snakes


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  1. Thanks OLDSCHOOLMIKE for the head's up back at TE. Glad you did because now it's inducted me into this great place.