Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sordo - Live @ Almost Holden Collective, Santa Monica-Ca. 4-26-2014

                              Part 2 in my Sordo - Live series.
                              Recent show from April this year, with a very cool line-up !
                              Got this one from Marco (No! Marco), edited from video to
                              Ripping good Live fun from the dark depths of Southern California !!!!!

                              01 No! Marco
                              02 No HxCx Dancing
                              03 Gumby
                              04 The Complexities of Jury Duty
                              05 My Stomach Sticks Out Further Then My Dick
                              06 Hadouken!
                              07 Orge Cum - Ladron
                              08 Eddie Madec (Let's Start A Band)
                              09 Skull Stomp
                              10 Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore


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