Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neglected - Demo (2012) ex-Ultimate Blowup (Turkey)

                           Some of my favorite dudes in the world, my buds from the now
                           defunct Ultimate Blowup have resurfaced with a new band.
                           Ultimate Blowup was on my compilation with Spastic Fantastic
                           Records a couple years back, Thrash Up My Ass! When I first heard
                           them, I was blown away with their insanely creative powerviolence
                           stylings. I contacted them for the comp after hearing their Demo,
                           and they replied quickly. Very very cool  dudes, probably the only
                           band in Turkey playing powerviolence today. I have a ton of respect for
                           these guys ! They are not just great dudes, but probably the best
                           powerviolence band in the last 10 years !
                           Neglected is their new band. Neglected's style is a litlle more
                           like Crossed Out, some slower stuff mixed in with raging fast
                           pv sounds.
                           I highly recommend this Demo, I love it ! So please support my Bro's
                           and download this awesome new release ! Neglected totally rule !!!!!

                                      01 Ratrace
                                      02 Trainwreck'd
                                      03 01001101
                                      04 Neglected
                                      05 Adaletler (Kerildin!)
                                      06 Death Trip
                                      07 Munzai Pt. II
                                      08 Dumbing Down
                                      09 Delusions
                                      10 Bigot Outbreak



  1. Don't know NEGLECTED but the ULTIMATE BLOWUP 12 track 7" is my top fave powerviolence record since 10 years too !

  2. Glad you like that 7" guys. I played bass on it. Support our homies Neglected, they are seriously heavy. Touring scandanavia this January!

    1. Killer, UB & Neglected are good buds of mine ! You play bass on Neglected - Demo ? Nice, good to meet you man, i'm oldschoolmike :)

    2. No i played bass on all the ULTIMATE BLOWUP records, including the first demo in which we had a different guitar player if i remember correctly. After i quit ULTIMATE BLOWUP the other 2 guys broke up the band and started NEGLECTED with a new bass player. They are towards the end of their Scandi tour now i believe, can't wait to see them again and hear some tour stories. Right now i play in a weird band called MR. MANTIS. Check it out if you like: