Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perikato - Jalkiteollinen Painajainen 7'' (2012) Finland

Just found out about this band a couple days ago, and
holy shit do they rule !!!!! Downloaded this extremely
great gem as 2 tracks, Side A & Side B. Came with a
track list, which made it alot easier on my brain. Anyway,
these dudes hail from Finland, and put out a sound of
pummeling hardcore mixed with elements of crust and
fastcore. This band blows me away, might even go as far
as saying this is possibly #1 in my top 10 current releases !
This one is a must folks !!!!! You won't be disappointed !
01 Otan Vastaan Kaaoksen
02 Jalkiteollinen Painajainen
03 Varman Tuhon Merkit
04 Oikeus Kuluttaa
05 Vaajaamaton Kuolema
06 Perikato
07 Aanestaja
08 Aika Karsia
09 Sodan Kauhu (Kirous)
10 Mattopommitus


  1. Hey, i just re-discovered your awesome blog! I linked yours to mine (B&Q). Great work!

    1. haha, nice man, I appreciate it ! Your blog totally rules, I been following it forever ! Love B&Q ! I've been in the hardcore scene since the beginning, i'm like an old fossil :) Love the stuff Blogged & Quartered does, you are definitely one of the blogs that inspired me to get one going. Mine is a little different, cause I didn't want to be another blog that posts the same stuff as other blogs. I like creative blogs !
      Anyhow, thanks for the praise Vin, you rule man !