Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ghost of CHC Past (aka-Kontaminat) - Clitfest Benefit Cover Set @ Township, Chicago 11-2-2012

My friend Pat from Kontaminat sent me this set recently. Cover's set
of infamous Chicago bands that these guys were previously in. Bands that 
alot of people should recognize, such as: Los Crudos, Chronic Seizure,
Sin Orden, Rat Bastards, and more... They have a 7'' coming out,
or might already be out, on Lengua Armada Records. This set rules,
great covers by some killer bands !!!!! If you live in Chicago and have 
the chance to see these guys, I highly recommend you do !!!!! Hopefully 
we'll hear some new stuff from these guys real soon !!!!!

01 Brain Sick (Chronic Seizure)
02 Sin Orden (Sin Orden)
03 Asesinos (Los Crudos)
04 Se Ve En Tu Cara (Los Crudos)
05 Cipayos, Traidores y Vendidos (Los Crudos)
06 KGB (No Slogan)
07 Impeach Bush (Sin Orden)
08 Sniper (I Attack)
09 Sk8 City Riot (I Attack)
10 Violent Opposition (Chronic Seizure)

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