Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vilently Ill - Guilty As Charged 1998-2007 (Andrew Lersten from Bunny Skulls 1 man band) Ludington, Michigan

                                                        Link Re-Upped 2/6/2017

                       Great 1 man project from Andrew Lersten of the imfamous Bunny Skulls.
                       Ranging from Punk to powerviolence, Vilently Ill is awesome fun and creative
                       hardcore from the Midwest. Of course Bunny Skulls rule, and this is
                       where the inspiration started from ! I just love 1 man projects, especially
                       if they are done well, and Vilently Ill definitely represents !!!!! Raging
                       pissed fun happy angry thrash attack, get some !!!!! 63 songs in total,
                       tracklist with download.



  1. Is it possible to re-upload this sound source? Thanking you in advance

    1. Thank you very much (^ ^)! Even if I looked for second hand in Japan, I was looking for something that I was really looking for!

    2. Ah, very cool, glad I could help ! :) You from Japan ?

  2. Sorry for the late reply! The PC is broken!

    Yes! I am a Japanese (^ ^ ♪
    I want to give something rare to give thanks but SWANKYS is only about Japanese sound sources · I do not think you like it · sorry

    1. I love Swankys !
      I would like that very much ! :)