Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hassler - Equalizing Distort, CIUT Radio, Toronto-Canada 10-30-2012 (Canada)

                             Here's a set from one of my top 20 bands from this year, Hassler
                             from Toronto, Canada. Ripping good new hardcore band, with
                             members that were in such noteable bands as Reprobates, Career
                             Suicide, School Jerks, Brutal Knights, Chokehold, Toxic Holocaust,
                             and more... Their debut ep is fast shredding to the point hardcore,
                             just the way I like it ! New LP I believe is in the works. These guys
                             are so damn good, dying to hear more ! Anyhow, I found this set
                             on Equalizing Distort site, but was uncut, and possibly unmastered
                             as well. I split and edited songs to the best of my ability, so ENJOY !!!!!

                                  01 Trainwreck
                                  02 Creeper
                                  03 Beatdown
                                  04 Asphyxiate
                                  05 Enlightened
                                  06 Innocent (Schizophrenic)
                                  07 Pig Pen
                                  08 Amoral
                                  09 Retaliation
                                  10 Escape
                                  11 Apathy
                                  12 What I See


                              Check em' out here too:

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