Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Farsa - Live @ Cargando La Cruz De Los Arrogantes Fest, La Bicicleta Squat, Santiago-Chile 11-24-2012

                          Here's a Live set of my friend's band from Chile, Farsa. These
                          guys have been around a couple years now, and are keeping up
                          the spirit of fast hardcore/powerviolence. There are many great
                          bands in Chile today, but many bands have burned out, or moved
                          on to new projects. Hopefully we will see alot of great bands
                          coming in 2013 from Chile ! Maybe we will hear some new tunes
                          by Farsa soon, we'll see :) Anyway, these guys are full of energy
                          and ready to shred some serious sounds, so definitely check these
                          dudes out !!!!!

                          01 Largo Rumbo Hacia La Nada
                          02 Al Trato Verdadero
                          03 Quien Empieza Terminando
                          04 Untitled
                          05 Farsa
                          06 77 Kids (Systematic Death)
                          07 Untitled - Donde Crecen Las Baratas
                          08 Como Siempre
                          09 Mirada Nublada
                          10 Untitled
                          11 Lutar Matar (Olho Seco)
                          12 Batalla Final
                          13 Ni Una Salida


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