Monday, March 3, 2014

Split Teeth - tracks from split with Trap (2012) & Split Teeth - Self Titled (2013) Australia

                         These guys are a newer powerviolence band from Melbourne, Austalia.
                         They've been around about 3 years now, and have a couple releases
                         under their belt. They have another split coming soon with Flesh
                         Police, another great band from down under, specifically Perth !
                         This is Split Teeth's split with Trap from Indonesia, and it's a definite
                         ripper ! I edited this one over a year ago, just getting to putting it up now.
                         Got the word from their drummer Jake that it was cool to post this bad boy !
                         Still looking for the Trap side of the split, and any other releases by Trap.
                         Split Teeth are on the fore front of great new Australian bands, and
                         they truly know what they are doing !
                         Powerviolence at it's best, these guys rule !!!!!

                         01 Relic
                         02 Concrete
                         03 Choked Out
                         04 Failed Forever
                         05 Hollowbody
                         06 Clock Watcher


                         Split Teeth - S-T 7'' (2013)
                       01 Coagulate
                       02 Tooth and Dog
                       03 Split Teeth
                       04 Landfill
                       05 Logic Blister
                       06 Hook Lights
                       07 Instinct Reversal
                       08 Severed At The Feet
                       09 Body Seperator


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