Friday, February 14, 2014

Never Human - Demo (2014) Halifax, Nova Scotia

                         Alright, this one was sent to me by my good bud Cody from
                         Halifax. He's in, and has been in a ton of bands from up there
                         in The Great White North, including: Envision, Word On The
                        Street, Castle Wolfenstein, Abject Pax, Bricks, Concrete 
                        Asylum, Negative Rage, Negative Circles, Grump, Life Chain, 
                        and probably a few more bands I can't remember at the moment :)
                        This is his new band Never Human, who are a combination of fast,
                        distorted and brutal sounding hardcore, mixed with some crust 
                        elements, and who absolutely rip, love this Demo !!!!!
                        Never Human also has Ben from from Concrete Asylum, Abject Pax,
                        and Life Chain, Jono from Bricks, Reckoning Force (Newfoundland)
                        Not Friends (Newfoundland), and Dex from Acousma, Barlow, and a 
                        host other bands.
                        Demo was recorded by Luke Mumford, who records and has recorded
                        most of the bands that have come out of the Halifax area for quite some 
                        time now. Luke has also appeared in such bands as Genetic Angry, 
                        Grump, and Negative Rage.
                        So all in all, an all-star cast of characters from the great Maritime region
                        of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland !
                        Not sure this Demo has actually been released yet, but i've been given
                        the word to spread it around to the world.
                        Never Human are brand new, and totally rule !!!!!
                        So grab this Demo ASAP, it's a must for all people that love and are 
                        dedicated to hardcore and the scenes around them !!!!!

                        01 Void of Voice
                        02 Prove
                        03 Pathetic
                        04 Erase
                        05 Deny
                        06 Not My Views
                        07 Conquest For Death (Necros)



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