Saturday, February 8, 2014

No Statik - Earhammer Soundsystem cassette (2013) Bay Area

                              Alright, first post of the New Year, and a damn good one !
                              Found this one on:
                              Good blog ! They've posted stuff from my blog from time to time
                              as well.
                              Anyhow, this was released last year on cassette, and it's all remixed
                              songs from Everywhere You Aren't Looking lp, and Never Be A
                              Martyr ep. Different and killer versions of each song, done in brutal
                              and fun ways !
                              Loved No Statik since they started a few years back ! Epic good band
                              featuring members of WxHxNx, Look Back and Laugh, and featuring
                              Michelle Koger from Scrotum Grinder on vocals.
                              Everything they put out is awesome, always look forward to hearing
                              new stuff by them !
                              Anyway, grab this one, you definitely won't be disappointed !

                              01 Regrettably
                              02 Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed
                              03 Pompous Words and Pictures of Kings
                              04 Earnest
                              05 Everywhere You Aren't Looking
                              06 Trainwreck
                              07 We All Die In The End
                              08 Units
                              09 Never Be A Martyr
                              10 Sigh of Relief



  1. This tape slays!!! I have an absolute blast every time I crank it!

    1. Hell yeah !!!!! I think this is my favorite release by them my friend ! The
      remixes are totally epic !!!!!