Saturday, February 8, 2014

Devastar - Powerviolence Negativo cassette (2013) Chile

                          One of my favorite powerviolence bands from Chile in the last 10
                          years, Devastar !
                          This is their Discography tape from last year, only released in
                          limited copies. I believe they finished this in 2012, but was released
                          last year as a duel effort by Triple D Records/Jizzlobber Records.
                          There are tracks on this tape not released on their other prior
                          recordings Vandal Powerviolence, and their split with Moncho
                          Cabrera, so I definitely recommend you grab this one up fast !
                          So many great bands have popped up in Chile in the last 8 or
                          so years such as Richard Harrison, Los Crustaceos, Despojo,
                          NxMxAx (Ninjas Mutantes Adolescentes), Vacuum, Fuga,
                          and Fuck Melodia. I could name more, but you get the point !
                          I suggest anyone reading this check out all these bands, and
                          the great spirit of the scene in Chile !
                          Devastar is definitely one of the bands on the top of my list in
                          the genre of powerviolence !
                          One of my favorite for sure in the worldwide scene of PV !!!!!
                          If you breath hardcore, you need this one !!!!!

                          01 Intro
                          02 Jeffrey Dahmer
                          03 El Padre
                          04 999
                          05 La Catrina
                          06 Explosiones
                          07 Hado Negativo
                          08 Odio Eterno
                          09 International Superstar Soccer
                          10 Misantropia
                          11 Sarity Party Hard
                          12 La Maria Y La Juana
                          13 Clanestinxs
                          14 Moloch
                          15 Marihuana Attack
                          16 666
                          17 Apocalipsis
                          18 Silenciosamente Peretuxs


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