Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stalag 13 - Demo Tape (1983) Oxnard


                                   Here is the whole Stalag 13 - Demo in it's entirety ! This tape is
                                   very rare, from 83', if you actually own a copy, you're a lucky
                                   dog ! Some of the songs from the tape were later released by a
                                   dude from Switzerland, which is the infamous Bootboy 7''.
                                   I recieved this through my network of friends, my underground
                                   connections. Herve, from Violation Blog put up on his bandcamp,
                                   but songs are incomplete. This bandcamp is a total waste of time !
                                   He puts up totally rare stuff, but just fragmented songs of rare
                                   U.S. demos and early releases. Might as well keep these
                                   recordings to yourself, instead of teasing people ! Violation
                                   Blog and bandcamp have become a joke to me and many others
                                   who are dedicated to old school US hardcore. If any of you know
                                   me, you know that I am true old school. I started in the L.A. HC
                                   scene in 79', and i'm still diehard hardcore today ! I was friends
                                   with Stalag 13 since they started, still see those dudes at shows
                                   from time to time. Saw em at their 2004 Reunion with Ron on
                                   vocals, who came out from Australia to do a Mini-Tour with
                                   Stalag. Now it's 2012, and time for another reunion !
                                   They will be playing June 22 & 23rd in California, at the
                                   Gnarmageddon Fest with Negative Approach. Ron is back
                                   again, he will be on vocals, it's gonna be freakin' awesome !
                                   Also, this is Negative Approach's last Tour, so if you live in
                                   SoCal or in the Bay Area, make sure to catch em ! I don't
                                   normally put up stuff this rare, but it's been floating around
                                   for quite a while now, and some of the rips sound terrible. So,
                                   I  thought if people are gonna pass it around, might as well
                                   pass around a decent rip. So, here you go, the real 83' Demo !
                                   Play loud, and start a pit !!!!!

                                                        01 It's Not The Same
                                                        02 In Control
                                                        03 Assassin Squad
                                                        04 Selfish
                                                        05 Standing United
                                                        06 Don't Call
                                                        07 Skateboards
                                                        08 I Don't Need It
                                                        09 Black Stick & Silver Badge
                                                        10 Statistic
                                                        11 Antisemetic
                                                        12 P.T.A.
                                                        13 Can't Take Much More
                                                        14 Stepping Stone (The Monkeys)
                                                        15 Make A Change
                                                        16 Sick & Tired



  1. i only recently discovered your blog, and have been enjoying it immensely!---this post of the Stalag 13 demos is one of the reasons i keep coming back! well done!
    i recently started a blog dedicated exclusively to MYSTIC RECORDS that i think you might enjoy!

  2. Awesome man, I appreciate your kind words ! Sounds good ! I'll check out your blog ! This blog is about 1 year old, just starting to get some attention, so good to know !

    Thank you sir,

  3. Haha you're welcome for this one. Think you can send me everything from Stressors please?