Saturday, June 9, 2012

Omegas - Joyboy Mixtape Vol. 1 (2010) Canada (Repost)

                                           Originally posted August 18th, 2011

                             The first 2 Mixtapes were posted in August of 2011, and
                              due to Mediafire going through some changes, some links
                              on this blog no longer work. So, if you go to download
                              something and the link is dead, let me know, and i'll repost.

                               I found this on Fasionable Activism blog as 2 tracks,
                              Side A & Side B. Fortunately there was a track list included.
                              Unfortunately, whoever ripped the tape either ripped it poorly,
                              or had a damaged copy of the tape. Damaged missing tracks:
                              15 Urban Blight - Milk Shake Head Ache 16 Foreign Bodies -
                              Downtown Fun 17 Omegas - Street Meat (Spoiler Sings).
                              Track list included in the download with more info. If anyone
                               has a copy of this tape that's not damaged, contact me here.


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