Monday, June 25, 2012

D.F.C. - The Ten Tear Plan Tape 1993-2003 (2005) Brazil

Ok, HELL YES, here we go ! This link was sent to me by my
good friend Mr. Allan Fastcore, who runs the great Sonidos
This download came as 2 tracks (Side A & Side B), and was
posted by another awesome blog, This Is Kawaii Not Hawaii
comes from 2005, and was put out by a small Czech label
called Ragedis Records. So happy this was posted, I fucking love
D.F.C. ! One of my favorite Brazilian bands of all time !!!!!
A raw mixture of hardcore/fastcore/crossover/metal/and punk,
D.F.C. has been one of the best explosive Brazil bands since the
early 90's ! Many other bands have been influenced by D.F.C.,
definitely one of the best !!!!! There is one more rare D.F.C.
tape i'm looking for also, called The Evil That Comes To Worst
Songs + 7 (2007), also from the Czech Republic (I believe on
Ragedis Records). If anyone has a rip of that tape or knows
someone with that tape, let me know ! I need that one !
Anyway, I talk way too much :) So here you go, the almighty
D.F.C. !!!!!

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