Friday, June 8, 2012

Omegas - Joyboy Mixtape Vol. 3 (2012) Canada

                                     Ok, here we go, another new installment to the first two
                                     mixtapes. Was happy when my friend Szuk told me he had
                                     the new Omegas mixtape he aquired at the Chaos In Tejas
                                     Fest. Then happiness turned to confusion as I split the tracks
                                     to MP3's on this one :) If anyone remembers, I split the first
                                     two mixtapes, which are available on this blog for download.
                                     There is alot of intro and soundbyte type of craziness on
                                     this new tape in between songs, so in the spirit of craziness,
                                     I named each one :) As far as splitting this tape, took me a
                                     while because it was hard to figure out where Crazy Spirit,
                                     Fun-e Boyz, and Bazuka are, because they appear on the
                                     tracklist, but don't think they are actually on the tape, unless
                                     they did one of the soundbyte type of songs towards the
                                     end of Side A. And on Side B, there is a band on there
                                     that's not listed, my friends from Vancouver, Systematik.
                                     Anyway, this is a very roughly recorded tape. The sound
                                     quality is not great, but I raised and equalized the volume,
                                     so it sounds definitely a bit better. If anyone has a better
                                     quality rip, contact me on the blog here. Anyhow, wacky,
                                     fun and disturbing as always, here is Joyboy Vol. 3 !

                                                  01 Choom Gang - Bombaclat
                                                  02 Discriminators - Rat Woman
                                                  03 Woo Rick Woo Flair Woo
                                                  04 Free Spirit - Casting Down
                                                  05 Kremlin - Anti Septic
                                                  06 Bill O'Reilly, Get Off The Air !
                                                  07 Altered Boys - Reality Check
                                                  08 The Pack - Trapped
                                                  09 S.H.I.T. - Human Kindness
                                                  10 Osama Bin Laudin Raps As A Child
                                                  11 Powertrip - Hammer Of Doubt
                                                  12 Vacant State - No!
                                                  13 Cult Lab Experiment
                                                  14 The Bill O'Reilly Sucks Jam
                                                  15 Neo Cons - High Anxiety
                                                  16 Duress - Blow Up The Embassy
                                                  17 Nintendo Reject Band
                                                  18 Wasteoids - Hoop Dreams
                                                  19 Gluebag - I'm Not Right
                                                  20 Two Dollars Forty
                                                  21 What
                                22 Candy Randy & The Gay Boys - (i'll have the) Gay Boy
                                                  23 Creem - Think Twice
                                                  24 Reckless Aggression - Broken Glass
                                                  25 Token Boogie
                                                  26 Word On The Street - Cut To The Chase
                                                  27 Heavy Metal Eric - Hey It's Ryan
                                                  28 Waste Mamagement - Agitated
                                                  29 Cardiac Arrest - Abnormal Times
                                                  30 C.H.U.M.P.S. - Oh
                                 31 Zac Johnson & The Yankee Entertainer - I Lost My Gal
                                                  32 Naughty Girls - City Counsellors
                                                  33 Peacebreakers - Elite Crew
                                                  34 Harhaa - State Love Violence
                                 35 Bill O'Reilly, Biggest Douche In The Universe Winner 2012    
                                                  36 Warthog - Top Shelf
                                                  37 Zero Progress - The Void
                                                  38 Systematik - Another Nightmare
                                                  39 Slap Yo Mammy Fo A Dolla
                                                  40 Dipers - Bodega Justice
                                                  41 Interview With A Tran-pire


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