Friday, May 15, 2015

Concussive - Demo (2015) East Bay Area, Californnia

                            Extremely impressive new powerviolence band from Martinez/
                            Pittsburg area of East Bay !
                            When I first heard this Demo, I was totally blown away !
                            Classic West Coast powerviolence sound that can contend with
                            the very best bands you can name or think of in the pv world
                            past and present !
                            Ripping aggression and raw anger come out in a way that
                            that makes you yearn for more !
                            It always excites me to find bands that are this passionate
                            about what they do !
                            Most of their songs under 30 seconds, and that's the way it should
                            be ! :) When you can fully round out songs in that short of time,
                            and do it really well from start to finish, that's what powerviolence
                            is all about in my opinion !
                            Stellar Demo !!!!! I freakin' love it !!!!!
                            Concussive are definitely one of my favorite bands this year so
                            far in the pv genre !
                            I added their split with Bathtub Barracuda a couple of days ago,
                            I highly recommend you grab that one too !!!!!
                            Alright, finally heard back from these guys.
                            Here's the lowdown about Concussive.
                            They feature members of Epileptic Seizure, Malicious
                            Dismemberment, and Extreme Vulgarity.
                            Epileptic Seizure - Demo 2009
                            I edited the Epileptic Seizure - Demo a few years back, i'll post
                            that soon !
                            I'm reposting the Concussive - Demo with re-edit and track titles,
                            so download it again my friends !!!!!
                            And again, they totally rule !!!!! :)

                            01 Zest Quest
                            02 Composite
                            03 Human Error
                            04 Power Cycle
                            05 Foresight
                            06 Subsist
                            07 Insensible
                            08 Captious
                            09 Timeless

                                                       Reposted 6/7/2017


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