Thursday, May 14, 2015

xBrainiax/The Lettuce Vultures - split 7'' (2011) Michigan/Cleveland

                                             Alright, last post of the night, or morning :)
This is the very last release by the almighty xBrainiax out
of Michigan. Was damn sorry to see this band call it a day,
but nothing lasts forever, especially in the hardcore world :)
They were actually set to release a few more splits, but those
will probably never come to fruition unfortunately.
Anyhow, this is their last 4 songs recorded, and of course
they totally rip !!!!!
The Lettuce Vultures have been around for a while as well.
Although a lesser known band, they have a split with
Agathocles amongst their numerous releases.
xBrainiax also had members in Merciless Game if I
remember correctly. Merciless Game were more on the
Raw/Noise side. They appeared on comps with The
Wankys and such. They had a few releases also.
Ok, time to call it a night ! 
Rage the xBrainiax, and keep a fire burning in their memory !

01 xBrainiax - xBrainiax Hates You
02 xBrainiax - Villains
03 xBrainiax - Recluse Blues
 04 xBrainiax - Keep Praying
 05 The Lettuce Vultures - Cripple Me With Cake
06 The Lettuce Vultures - Walking On Sunshine
 07 The Lettuce Vultures - Your Unbuttoned Shirt


  1. i got their 31 song "discgrace to the corpse of eric wood" 7".they came close to the dri 7" :-D.

    1. Hell yeah, that one rules !!! You on Soulseek Chris ?
      I have everything by xBrainiax. Haha, yeah, I saw DRI in 83' when they first came to L.A., did like 45 songs in 30 minutes :) They never took a break between songs, was the fastest band I ever saw ! :) Drummer played in just a speedo, and was sweating bullets from shredding the drums ! :) Show was with a very young ill Repute & Stalag 13 in Hollywood. Killer killer show !!!!!