Friday, June 5, 2015

Guantanamo Bay City Rollers - Alcoholocaust CD (2007) Australia

                                                         Reposted 3/29/2017

                      "Guantanamo Bay City Rollers was a booze fueled Grind n' Roll
                        band from Adelaide South Australia, featuring members from
                        Powerxchuck, Peter Brock, Iron Worzel, Stolen Youth and Nihilism.
                        Started in 2005, incorporating stoner groove riffs with Rock and
                        grindcore. They released 2 albums: Alcoholocaust 2006 and Darkside
                        Of The Goon 2013."
                        This was a review I found on You Tube, and I think it's most accurate.
                        Overall, excellent musicians, masterpiece of a CD !!!!!
                        These guys know what the hell they are doing, can adapt to any style !
                        Remind me a little of BBQ Chickens, crazy grind/powerviolence
                        mixed with rock/metal.
                        Love this band !!!!!
                        I also highly recommend Powerxchuck !

                        01 Spin Cycle
                        02 Mixed Opinion
                        03 Kunt
                        04 Krafter
                        05 Smoke Weed, Drink Beer
                        06 Glut
                        07 God Biscuit
                        08 Russell Crowebar
                        09 I Want To Be Anthony Callea
                        10 In One Ear...
                        11 Night Of The Creeping Jesus
                        12 Alcoholocaust
                        13 Fat Manager Massacre
                        14 Joke Of Life


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