Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rednecks + Johns Town Aloha - 45 Revolution split 7'' (2010) Japan

                        Theses 2 bands, what I do know of them is they are both relentless
                        hardcore bands that can belt out the rage !
                        Rednecks who have been around most of the 2000's play pretty
                        straight forward hardcore with some slight twists, and Johns
                        Town Aloha (who features members of Breakfast) are more
                        noisy and crazed ripping Japanese sound !
                        Both bands tear it up on this split !!!!!
                        Didn't even know this split existed til just a couple weeks ago,
                        extremely pleasant surprise !!!!!

                       01 Rednecks - 45 Revolution
                       02 Rednecks - Lose A Border
                       03 Rednecks - Yoru No Akai Hikari
                       04 Johns Town Aloha - Japanese Title 1
                       05 Johns Town Aloha - Japanese Title 2


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