Monday, June 29, 2015

Fugitive - Reality Master cassette (2013) Remastered (Massachusetts)

                          Second in our series is Massachusetts' Fugitive.
                          "Legendary Western Mass maniac Tony P. (SQRM) helms this
                          terrorizing hardcore hatchet job with a storm of rippers about
                          ruining your scene, how you need a job, and that government chip in
                          your head. Adding extra fuel to the flames is Ian Logan (HOAX),
                          proving he is no one-trick pony when it comes to crafting superb,
                          violent riffs. Essential!"
                          Again, I personally don't have much info on these guys, so I added
                          this other blogs description of them.
                          This one came out a couple years back.
                          Straight forward angry fast hardcore that just rules, that's about all I
                          have to say about this one !!!!!

                          01 Fugitive
                          02 Government Chips
                          03 Heads In A Guillotine
                          04 Life Is Shit
                          05 See You Talkin
                          06 The Program
                          07 Waiting For The War


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