Friday, July 10, 2015

Far Cry - Tillsday MCD (1995) Remastered (Washington DC)

                       Third in our Remasters Series is the band Far Cry from the
                       DC area.
                       This band was pre-Battery, adrenalin infused straight edge !
                       The CD is a combination of 2 ep's: Story Of Life 7'' (1990),
                       and Much Time Spent Waiting 7" (1991).
                       My good friend Pat sent this one to me as well as some others
                       a while back, but just getting to putting all of them up now.
                       Had a million things happening, but now I have them all together
                       and ready to share with you all.
                       Remastered by Pat. He did an excellent job on this one as always !!!!!
                       Great early 90's DC straight edge !!!!!

                       01 My Fears
                       02 Story Of Life
                       03 In Telling
                       04 Avoid
                       05 Fade
                       06 Isolate



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  2. Would love to hear this. Can you post another link?