Friday, July 10, 2015

Positively Negative - Demo (198x) Edited & Remastered (Detroit)

                       Number five, our final and most surprising edit and remaster
                       is from a band my friend Pat (who remasters all the Remasters
                       Series greats) randomly found on Facebook one day.
                       That is what I love about this blog and the internet in general,
                       you find stuff that's been hidden away for decades !
                       This band, who I don't know much about yet, played I believe
                       around the 87-89' years in the Detroit & Michigan hardcore scenes.
                       Again, what I truly love about doing a blog like this one is finding
                       rare gems !
                       This is one of those rare gems that rockets my excitement level into
                       outer space !
                       Ripping old 80's hardcore, that is straight to the point !
                       With that great midwest sound that brings you right back to the
                       early days.
                       These guys are kind of midwest meets early 80's Boston HC
                       sound, I was blown away when I first heard it !!!!!
                       I believe they recorded this Demo in 87', but I need to contact
                       the band for more information.
                       This Demo is just pure gold !!!!!
                       Fantastic rare Detroit hardcore, so damn good !!!!!
                       Highly highly recommended !!!!!

                       01 Nuclear Termination
                       02 Negative Man
                       03 Police Brutality
                       04 Happy Bastards
                       05 Nobody for President
                       06 Omar's Deli
                       07 Robo Pope
                       08 Stand Now or Fall Tomorrow
                       09 Swell Men Wear Plaid
                       10 SC
                       11 Outro


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