Saturday, July 11, 2015

Scum Human - Demo (2015) Vancouver

                        Alright, new one from the great Northwest !
                        Powerviolence at it's best !
                        According to a friend of mine from Vancouver, this band has
                        members of Obacha and Six Brew Bantha.
                        That sounds about right, cause this Demo totally shreds !!!!!
                        I'll get more info on these guys as soon as possible.
                        Great new band, i'm sure there will be more to come soon by these
                        rager's of the high country !

                        01 Intro
                        02 Hogtied
                        03 Entitled Attitude
                        04 Forced Suicide
                        05 No Escape
                        06 Sweatshop
                        07 Drown
                        08 Chair Kicker
                        09 Depleted
                        10 Mangle
                        11 Witch Hunt
                        12 This Life