Sunday, March 25, 2012

Other Women - Demo Cassette (2011) Chicago

Got this one from Gen from Ruido. Came as 1 track, was
fortunate to find a tracklist and cover art. This newer band hails
from Chicago, and features members of Regrets, who put out
the 7'' Hope Floats and So Does Shit. Regrets was cool, but
Other Women is much better in my opinion. Raging out
with a slow distorted and angry dark powerviolent sound,
this band has definitely grabbed me by the ears ! There are
a couple of fast ragers as well ! This new band has some
serious potential, hopefully we'll hear and see more of them
in the near future !

01 Circle The Drain
02 No Drums, No Trumpets
03 Richard III
04 Naked and Gnawing
05 Delete Key
06 Six White Horses
07 Power Drunk


  1. Thanks for the review!! We have some new material pretty much ready to be
    recorded asap.

  2. Awesome, you guys rip ! Can't wait to hear the new stuff !