Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crossed Out - Live Bootleg 10'' (1996) SoCal

Found this old Live Boot on Raw Grind Chaos Core blog a
couple of days ago. It was ripped as 2 tracks, Side A and Side B.
Fortunately it came with a track list, but the tracklist was not
totally accurate. Not listed on the track list is the song Scapegoat,
and the last 2 songs Selfish Achiever & Advice are not actually
on the album. Side B was either not completely ripped, or last 2
songs were mistakenly listed. Anyhow, enough technical talk !
Straight from the 90's, in the haze of the powerviolence craze,
here are one of the almighty PV gods, ladies and gentlemen, I give
you Crossed Out !!!!!

01 Ulcer
02 Neglect
03 Lowlife
04 Self Serve
05 Pure Delusion
06 Society
07 Internal
08 Nightstalker (Impact Unit)
09 Crown of Thorns
10 Supremacy
11 Scapegoat
12 Vacuum
13 Practiced Hatred
14 Letch
15 Never Forget
16 Suicide of The Species

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