Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Merda - Greatest Shits Vol. 1 Cassette (2014) brazil

                        One of Brazil's finest !
                        These guys have been around since the start of the millennium and
                        continue to crank out the tunes !
                        Their sound started as fast hardcore, and now has kind of slowed down
                        over the years. Although I prefer the fast stuff, their newer splits
                        have taken a more Punk tone.
                        This one came out last year, cassette compilation of songs from
                        different releases over the years.
                        Fun thrashing hardcore, I definitely recommend !!!!!

                        01 Satan's Barbie
                        02 ESPNSC
                        03 Eu Menti Pra Voce Durante Toda Minha Vida
                        04 Garfo Do Capeta
                        05 E.M.O. (Eu Me Odeio)
                        06 Fuck Fake Pc's
                        07 Pelo Direito De Portar Armas De Brinquedo
                        08 Muito Mais Pecado, Menos Religiao
                        09 Xaninho
                        10 Garota Loca
                        11 Merda Core Munster Band
                        12 My Dream Was Being A Monster
                        13 Motherfucker Redneck
                        14 Faster Girl
                        15 Okay
                        16 Cozinha Libertina
                        17 Kusotare
                        18 Crise Dos 30
                        19 Francisco
                        20 Esquistossomose
                        21 Ingua
                        22 Ser Humano Inutil E Burro
                        23 Eu Nunca Andei De Skate
                        24 Maradona
                        25 Xumaiker
                        26 Choripan
                        27 Change My Way
                        28 Indio Cocalero
                        29 Bullying Yourself


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