Tuesday, January 12, 2016

V.A. - War For Freedom Compilation (2012) Greece

                          Don't know a whole lot about this one. Someone sent me a link
                          to Discogs, and I found it on You Tube.
                          It's a Benefit compilation of sorts having to do with political
                          prisoners in Greece.
                          Here's the info from Discogs:
                          "DIY benefit compilation for political prisoners - a collective effort 
                           of squater punks of northern Greece. 
                           Distributed by autonomous libertarian collectivities and political 
                           Anyway, I was asked to see if I could track this down by a guy
                           named Charlie from the UK, whom i've spoken with in the past
                           on Soulseek.
                           Sounds like a compilation I would support, and I do ! :)
                           Cool Punk and Hardcore from the ancient land of northern Greece,
                           I highly recommend !

                           01 Death Rattle - There, Where The Truth Kills
                           02 Moving In Margin - Last Hours
                           03 Last Century - Nights
                           04 Cut Your Throat - Toxic Epidemic Necrolipsis
                           05 Go Filth Go - State Abuse
                           06 21179 - The Last Dance of Arms
                           07 Totalalitar - Destroy This World
                           08 Satan's Rejects - Free In Prison
                           09 I Maledetti Ubriaconi - Mental Asylum
                           10 Asymmetric Threat - Ode In Adrenaline
                           11 Burn The Boredom - Staying Man
                           12 Hatefulness - Hostages State
                           13 Räjähtää - Eloonjaamisen Harhaluulo


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