Saturday, December 13, 2014

Insurance Risk - No Pity ep (2002) Norway

                     Ok, #3 in this series is the second ep by Insurance Risk, the first one
                     was remastered in the first series, scroll down for How Much More ep.
                     One of my favorites from Norway !
                     Insurance Risk were fast and in your face Boston style 80's hardcore,
                     ex-members of Onward and Washington Disease, who I also highly
                     recommend !
                     Washington Disease started in the early 90's, and I posted them on
                     this blog a couple years back. Onward was formed in the mid 90's,
                     pure fast ripping straight edge, absolutely stellar band !
                     But we are gathered here today for Insurance Risk, and I pay homage
                     to them with this remaster !
                     In 2009, they released Violence In Our Minds lp on Crucial Response
                     Records, which is all their material remastered.
                     This rip was taken from the 7'', and cleaned up from it's original state.
                     Again, these guys are one of my favorites from Norway, and in the
                     Boston style of HC !
                     All hail Insurance Risk !!!!!

                     01 The Hammer
                     02 I Want More
                     03 No Pity
                     04 Speak Our Minds
                     05 No Limit In Sight
                     06 Life Of Pain
                     07 Turned Your Backs
                     08 Payback Time
                     09 Broken Hearts
                     10 The Punisher

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