Saturday, December 13, 2014

Commitment Crew - Hisingen 7'' (2007) Sweden

                         Alright, hold on tight, Remasters Series #2 is here !
                         My good bud Pat/Hatefilled from Holland is continuously working
                         hard on fixing sound on digital rips of a ton of the classics that all of
                         the real hardcore punks out there know about and love !
                         Most of the stuff he's been remastering lately are classics from the last
                         15 years, but he's digging into some of the old 80's stuff as well, so
                         could be some future surprises to come ! :)
                         Anyhow, this classic is from 2007, from Göteborg, Sweden.
                         Commitment Crew sound ranged from U.S. Boston hardcore scene, 
                         to classic Oi sounding Punk.
                         Carrying on the tradition of old US hardcore style, Commitment Crew
                         were a great band that people will remember for a long time to come !

                               01 B-Garden Boys
                               02 No Justice
                               03 What's The Fuss
                               04 Smuggler
                               05 Roots
                               06 Wrecked
                               07 Winter's Coming

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