Friday, November 28, 2014

V.A. - Last White Christmas I cassette (1984) BCT #6 (edited by oldschoolmike)

                                                        Link Replaced 3-14-2017

                            Alright, everyone and their mother's have been waiting for this one !
                              The weird and funny thing is my friend from the UK messaged me 
                              about 9 months ago, and told me about this guy that had proper 
                              rips of the original BCT tapes. So I contacted this guy and
                              downloaded all I could from him, he had alot of the rare BCT 
                              tapes that haven't been floating around.
                              Then I started to attempt to edit them, but was having some personal 
                              issues, so had to sideline the project.
                              That dude essentially disappeared, can't find him anywhere, so i'm 
                              damn glad I downloaded those from him while I had the opportunity !
                              I feel this was meant to be, the powers of the universe and history 
                              are coalescing at this moment in time ! :)
                              hahaha, sounds silly, but I honestly believe that the time is now for 
                              the revamping/remastering of rare 80's hardcore !
                              I recently talked to Chris from BCT by e-mail, told him what I was
                              doing, and asked if it was cool to post these rare classics.
                              Chris is also in the process of remastering the compilation series with 
                              a friend of his.
                              He gave me the go to post my edits, so i'm extraordinarily excited to
                              to get the ball rolling with Last White Christmas I !
                              All 57 tracks from the original tape in this download.
                              Raging Italian hardcore from the early 80's ! 
                              So glad to see this comp finally surface in it's complete form, i'm very 
                              proud of the job I did on this one !
                              This one took me a while to do, and was done with extreme love and 
                              care !
                              No more waiting, here you go !!!!!

                              Side A
                              01 Brontosauri - Capsius Cabanis (Berlino Fuck Off)
                              02 Brontosauri - Brontosauri
                              03 Brontosauri - Opposition
                              04 Raw Power - Power
                              05 Raw Power - For My
                              06 Raw Power - I Hate The...
                              07 Raw Power - Chicken Song
                              08 Raw Power - X
                              09 Raw Power - Army
                              10 Raw Power - No Future
                              11 Raw Power - Politicians
                              12 Raw Power - Raw Power - Fuck Authority
                              13 Raw Power - Hate
                              14 Raw Power - Fabrica
                              15 Raw Power - You Are The Victim
                              16 Raw Power - White Minority (Black Flag)
                              17 Juggernaut - Convact
                              18 Juggernaut - Tomorrow
                              19 Juggernaut - Xoo2
                              20 Juggernaut - Inquisitor
                              21 Juggernaut - Xoo3
                              22 Stato Di Polizia - Odio
                              23 Stato Di Polizia - Mente Sconvolta
                              24 Stato Di Polizia - Uccidi Tuo Fratello
                              25 Stato Di Polizia - Non Dirmi E Non Parlart ll
                              26 Putrid Fever - Draw Of Fear
                              27 Putrid Fever - Motorhead
                              28 Putrid Fever - Anger
                              29 Putrid Fever - Reality
                              30 Putrid Fever - Songs From War
                              31 Putrid Fever - Naked Real Gun
                              Side B
                              32 Putrid Fever - Skaters
                              33 Putrid Fever - Rats
                              34 Dements - I Am Not
                              35 Dements - Point Of View
                              36 Useless Boys - I Don't Need Your Love Anymore
                              37 Useless Boys - Weekend Trip
                              38 Useless Boys - I Need You So
                              39 Useless Boys - Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
                              40 Useless Boys - Barracuda
                              41 War Dogs - The State Of Things
                              42 War Dogs - Fried Brains
                              43 War Dogs - Snakes
                              44 War Dogs - War Dogs
                              45 War Dogs - I Hate The Families
                              46 War Dogs - Red Hot Phones
                              47 War Dogs - MG
                              48 Auschlag - Grazie Patria
                              49 Auschlag - Vittime
                              50 Auschlag - Nessuno
                              51 Auschlag - Woytila Vattene!
                              52 Auschlag - Siamo Stanchi
                              53 Auschlag - In Carcere
                              54 Auschlag - Distruzione Totale
                              55 Auschlag - Ribellati
                              56 Auschlag - A Fuoco



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  2. thanks for this. any chance you have let's get pissed it's christmas vol 2? some more bct comps would be cool too.

    1. Looking for 2, I just have the first one at the moment.