Friday, November 28, 2014

No Man's Slave - Siege Mentality 7'' (2008) Oklahoma (remastered sound version)

                        Recently my friend Patrick in Holland began cleaning up older hardcore
                        classics. He's been doing it for years, but in the last few weeks has had
                        time to do some great ones !
                        This one is from 2008, raging Oklahoma hardcore, total classic from
                        the last decade !!!!!
                        Big big thanks to Patrick for the fantastic work he did on this, and the
                        next bunch i'm about to put up !
                        You're gonna love the next few posts !!!!!

                        01 Curbing Homophobia
                        02 Clocking In
                        03 God's Traitor
                        04 Prescription Drugs
                        05 Some People Just Need Killing
                        06 Nothing Positive
                        07 Made Eunuch
                        08 Crossbreaker
                        09 General Crime
                        10 Diet Of Shit
                        11 Bastardization Of Self
                        12 State Education Pt. 1 - State Education Pt. 2
                        13 Sally Kern
                        14 Pliant (Left For Dead)


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  1. please fix this link. been looking for a download for this record