Friday, November 28, 2014

Infest - Slave LP (1988) Los Angeles (remastered sound version)

                        Sixth and last in the remasters series, the almighty Infest !!!!!
                        This one comes from 88' SoCal.
                        Don't even have to mention how much of a classic this one is !
                        If you don't know this lp, well then you are just not that hardcore ! :)
                        100% classic, 100% must for all fans of fast hardcore !
                        Extreme thanks and appreciation to Pat/Hatefilled for all the remasters
                        in this series, alot of hard work went into the sound repair !
                        All done by Pat/Hatefilled, with love and dedication to hardcore !
                        Good friend and Brother of mine for many years !
                        No further words necessary, play loud and stage dive off the furniture
                        for this one !!!!!

                        01 Break The Chain
                        02 Pickled
                        03 Sick O
                        04 Plastic
                        05 Mindless
                        06 Which Side
                        07 V.Y.O.
                        08 Where's The Unity
                        09 Screwed
                        10 Machismo
                        11 The Game
                        12 Sick Of Talk
                        13 Iran Scam
                        14 Lifes Halt
                        15 Slave
                        16 Head First
                        17 Sick And Tired
                        18 Fetch The Pliers
                        19 Meaning



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  2. can you reupload this and Arnes Plasthjarna please.