Friday, November 28, 2014

Insurance Risk - How Much More... 7'' (2000) Norway (remastered sound version)

                      Here we go, next on the classic's list is Norway's Insurance Risk.
                      Total classic in the vein of old 80's Boston hardcore !
                      In 2009, Crucial Response Records remastered both ep's on the
                      Violence In Our Minds 12'', but this version was remastered straight
                      from an old 7'' rip floating around for a long time.
                      Sound is awesome !
                      Another in the series that Patrick/Hatefilled (my very good bud and
                      Brother in Hardcore) cleaned up recently.
                      One of my favorite from Norway, definitely grab this, a must !!!!!

                     01 So Must I
                     02 Too Much
                     03 Fashionable Idiots
                     04 Brothers
                     05 We Don't Care
                     06 Choke On It
                     07 No Doubt In My Mind
                     08 Not For Real



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