Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fit For Abuse - Mindless Violence 7'' (1996) Massachusets

                  Last in our Remasters #2 Series is Fit For Abuse.

                      F.F.A. got started in the winter of ’95. Inspired by the likes of Negative FX, 
                      Poison Idea, Gang Green and Negative Approach, Fit For Abuse released 
                      their debut 7” “Mindless Violence” on crust records in ’97. After releasing 
                      the EP, singer Matt Kelly joined the Dropkick Murphys as their drummer 
                      and decided to leave F.F.A. because of his nonstop touring schedule.

                  Paragraph above is from, as I don't know alot about Fit For
                  I've know about this band since they came out, just don't have much
                  information on their background.
                  But needless to say, ripping classic ep from the 90's !!!!!
                  More classic killer remasters to come ! 
                  Keep an eye out for Remasters #3 Series coming soon !!!!!

                     01 Prefabricated
                     02 Dropout
                     03 World In Panic
                     04 The Other White Meat
                     05 Tough Guy
                     06 Power Corrupts
                     07 O.A.B.
                     08 One-Way Valve
                     09 Fit For Abuse
                     10 No Sympathy
                     11 I Hate Myself
                     12 Leech In My Side


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