Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cardiac Arrest - Life's A Dead End 7'' (2006) St. Louis, Missouri

                      One of my absolute favorite bands from the Midwest, Cardiac Arrest !
                      These cats have been ripping up the pavement since the early 2000's
                      with their raging 80's Boston hardcore sound !
                      If you listened to this one without knowing who the band was, you
                      might think these are the lost recordings of Negative FX :)
                      These guys 100% embody the traditional old 80's fast Boston
                      sound, but with newer flares of their own.
                      I've known the singer Rob for years, great great dude !!!!!
                      Very much a part of the St. Louis scene for a long time !
                      I know bands and people from hardcore scenes all over the world,
                      and Rob is definitely one of the coolest !!!!!
                      Anyway, this one is a total classic !!!!! Definitely grab this one, sound
                      has been improved from the original rip.

                      01 Fool Me Once
                      02 Old New
                      03 What's Up
                      04 Going Nowhere
                      05 Daily Dose
                      06 End Of The Line


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