Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Haka - Summer 2013 Tour Tape (2013) Chicago

                                      One of my favorite newer bands hailing from Chicago !
                                      Really don't know much about these guys, accept they
                                      put out a killer Demo last year ! Their was rumor of an
                                      LP, but nothing else has been released by the band until
                                      now. This is a Tour tape that is brand new, so i'm
                                      assuming they are Touring somewhere this summer.
                                      Hopefully their is a new release in the works, but in the
                                      mean time, this tape freakin' seriously rules !!!!!
                                      No nonsense angry fast hardcore, with shades of ripping
                                      old 80's HC mixed in. This and the new Snob - Demo
                                      (members of Koszmar, Violent Restitution, and Total War),
                                      are two of my favorite releases so far this year !
                                      Look out for Haka, they might be coming to a town near
                                      you soon !!!!!

                                      01 Lifeless
                                      02 Word On The Streets
                                      03 End Judgement
                                      04 Stand
                                      05 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (The Ramones)
                                      06 Modern Problems (Negative FX)


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  1. This demo rules big time! As far as Snob goes, buy tapes at either SoapAndSpikes, W-Tapes or Velted Regnub. Or pick up a copy from us on our BC-Alberta tour this September (19-21). 7" coming out soon on Mata La Musica Discos. Thanks as always for the kind words Mike!