Friday, October 4, 2013

Conga Fury + The Nitz - Split 7'' (2004) Japan/Sacramento

                           I have been trying to hunt this one down for years with no luck,
                           til this last week, when my buddy from Holland ripped it. Much
                           to my surprise, he found a copy recently in Maryland when his
                           band Nekromantiker was on a brief East Coast tour. This one
                           is a definite rager from start to finish, as Conga Fury never
                           disappoint !!!!! One of my favorite of all time Japanese bands !!!!!
                           The Nitz i'm not too familiar with, but I know they hailed from
                           Sacramento California, and they definitly ripped !!!!! The Nitz also
                           have a 7'' as well i'm looking for called "Kill You To Death" from
                           2002. If anyone has the Nitz ep, please contact me !
                           Anyway, I have always loved the brutality of Conga Fury, hope
                           to see them return someday ! If they do return, they will come back
                           with a vengeance like Godzilla or the Gargantua Bros, ready to
                           destroy !!!!! :)

                           01 Conga Fury - Easy Come Easy Go
                           02 Conga Fury - Commonplace Idea
                           03 Conga Fury - Open Your Eyes
                           04 Conga Fury - G.O.D.
                           05 The Nitz - Leeches
                           06 The Nitz - The Devil Poured Me This Drink
                           07 The Nitz - Revenge of The Nerds



  1. link is gone -- really would love to hear the Nitz -- a Sacramento band I have never heard about. if possible drop me a line at sacpunkshows at gmail dot com or sacramentopunkshows on fbook. thx!

  2. OLDSCHOOLMIKE - My name is Mike and I was in the band the Nitz. If you would like a copy of the "Kill You To Death" EP or our Full Length "Necromania" (Reptilian Records), shoot me a message. I have a couple of each left, and I can make that happen.