Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Useless Pieces of Shit (U.P.S.) - The Best of CD, 84 Songs In 58 Minutes (2009) Arizona

                                These guys started in the mid 80', straight out from the
                                burning heat of Arizona. They put out a Demo back in 86',
                                that really didn't surface til about 2006, Stupid Punk Demo.
                                43 songs of ripping fast & fun hardcore ! They were raging
                                fast, with short and to the point songs that usually didn't last
                                for more then 20 seconds or so at a time :) Really great band,
                                one of the originators of what we call fastcore today. This cd
                                was partially split into tracks, but there were about 20 tracks
                                that had multiple songs and needed to be split. After I finished
                                splitting the tracks, I only counted 83. There are 81 tracks on
                                this download, but 2 tracks each have 2 songs, those two were
                                best left unsplit. So that accounts for 83 songs, although cover
                                says 84. Oh well, haha, either they made a mistake, or I did ? :)
                                Anyhow, these recordings are taken from various recording
                                sessions, as well as Live sessions & such from 86-87'. One of
                                my favorite Arizona bands of all time, here is Useless Pieces
                                of Shit, or as alot of people know them as, the infamous U.P.S. !



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this Cd but i'm bringing your to your attention that all the songs after song n°43 are altered with severe distortion clicking sound defect...

    1. If you want to get the music without distortion go to:
      http;//www.UselessPiecesofShit .com
      but you will have to buy the songs.

  2. Thanks for the great review! It was great. Not too happy about giving it away for free but I realize that's the world we live in. Check us out on Facebook and like our page.

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