Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holy Shit! - Live On WMSE cassette (2011) Ultrawaste Records

                               This one came out on my good friend Eric's label,
                               Ultrawaste Records. Eric also actively plays in a couple
                               really good bands some of you might have heard before,
                               Bored Straight and Tenement. Tenement will be in L.A.
                               in August. You may know them from their split with Culo,
                               along with numerous other releases. They will be headlining
                               at Blue Star Cafe in L.A. with Shotdown, Nasa Space Universe,
                               White Walls (from Cincinnati), and locals Generacion Suicida.
                               If you live in L.A., it's on Saturday August 25th at The Blue Star
                               Cafe near Downtown L.A. There's my plug, shameless & proud ! :)
                               Anyhow, back to this post. Not sure when these recordings are from,
                               but Eric sent me the MP3's last year after the tape came out.
                               He sent as 2 MP3's, 2 Live sets, so I split into tracks. Originally
                               came out on cassette on Eric's label Ultrawaste Records, where
                               you can also purchase some Bored Straight releases. Holy Shit!
                               been shredding for 12 or so years, totally awesome Wisconsin
                               hardcore ! From the land of cows & beer, and a few billion pounds
                               of cheese, come the pummeling killer beats of Holy Shit! For your
                               listening pleasure ! :)

                                                 Set 1
                                       01 Bad Day Fishing
                                       02 Put A Bandaid On It
                                       03 Drink Tab Drop Out
                                       04 Midwest Beatdown
                                       05 Another Great Idea
                                       06 Delete Your Myspace
                                       07 Black Out, Call In
                                       08 Momentos
                                       09 Ruin Everything
                                       10 I Shot Brock
                                       11 Fire Alarm
                                       12 Time For You To Leave

                                                  Set 2

                                        01 I Hate Banks
                                        02 No Reason
                                        03 Self Civil War
                                        04 Don't Worry, Be Happy
                                        05 It's Always The Juice
                                        06 Bruised Dog Food
                                        07 Clara's Future
                                        08 Last Road Trip
                                        09 We Don't Skate
                                        10 Class Moron
                                        11 Fill In The Blanks
                                        12 Dillinger Four
                                        13 I Love You, I Hate You



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