Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dropdead - Humanity Is Burying The Earth With Its Rotting Carcasses... cassette (1999) Ad Absurdum Records, Czech Republic

                                  Ok, here we go, the last one i'm posting this weekend. Been
                                  busy editing a ton of stuff last few days, need a break ! This
                                  tape came out in 99', but was actually a Live recording from
                                  from October 19th 1997 in Lahti- Finland. Awesome tape
                                  from one of the great masters of powerviolence/fastcore,
                                  the almighty Dropdead !!!!!

                                                    01 Bullshit Tradition
                                                    02 Control
                                                    03 Unjustified Murder
                                                    04 Sheep
                                                    05 Requiem
                                                    06 Those Who We Deny
                                                    07 Mindless Icon
                                                    08 Witchhunt
                                                    09 Herd
                                                    10 Army Of Hate
                                                    11 Bosnia
                                                    12 Prison
                                                    13 What Once Was Life
                                                    14 No Glory
                                                    15 You Have A Voice
                                                    16 At The Cost Of An Animal
                                                    17 Still You Follow Blindly
                                                    18 New World Slaughter
                                                    19 I Will Defy
                                                    20 The Circle Complete
                                                    21 Stolen Life
                                                    22 Part II
                                                    23 Life In Chains


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