Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raw Nerve - Distort Jersey City, WFMU Radio 04-26-2012

                            Here lies the now defunct Raw Nerve, they played their last shows
                            a few months back. This one originally was scheduled to go on Old
                            Fast & Loud blog, but was passed down to me because of some
                            technical difficulties. Anyway, Raw Nerve was in the Chicago scene
                            for roughly 3 or 4 years, putting out raw and frantic hardcore. They
                            recieved alot of attention early on when they released their Teens In
                            Heat ep, moving their way into the scene with bold confidence ! They
                            played many shows in the Midwest, gaining alot more praise along the
                            way. As well, they were getting alot of attention on foreign shores
                            early on also. They were planning to do a split with Culo back in
                            2011, but that never came to fruition. Maybe will come out some day,
                            at least I hope so ! Here is one of the last recordings of Raw Nerve, Live
                            set from WFMU Radio in New Jersey. Hate to see when bands end,
                            especially when they are in their prime, but hopefully we'll se a new
                            band emerge from the ashes of Raw Nerve, we'll see ! :) I won't
                            bore you anymore with my banter, so here you go ! I give you the
                            awesome raw epic stylings of a fucking killer band that will be
                            surely missed, Raw Nerve !!!!!

                                     01 Daily Reminder - Big Changes
                                     02 Origin of Species
                                     03 Gas Can
                                     04 Cock of The Walk
                                     05 Ill of The Dead
                                     06 Nervous Habits
                                     07 Crosses
                                     08 Hemlock
                                     09 Live Free (Youth Of Today)
                                     10 New Neighbors
                                     11 Gun Meets Mouth
                                     12 Honest Answer
                                     13 Rest - Relaxation


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