Saturday, July 28, 2012

Municipal Waste - Live @ Lintfabriek, Kontich-Belgium 10-13-2005

                                I've had this in my files for years. Just realized a few days
                                ago it had not been edited into tracks. When I gave a listen,
                                discovered how good this Live recording is ! This show was
                                in Belgium during their Hazardous Mutation Tour. Live 2005,
                                ripping it up, ain't no jive ! Damn good sound on this one, I highly
                                recommend it if you are a fan of banging your head hard !!!!! :)

                                         01 Waste 'Em All
                                         02 Mutants Of War
                                         03 Accelerated Vision
                                         04 Toxic Revolution
                                         05 I Want To Kill The President
                                         06 The Thrashing Of The Christ
                                         07 Sweet Attack
                                         08 Unleash The Bastards
                                         09 Bang Over


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