Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rupture - Fuck Your Life tape 90-93' (1993) Australia

I recieved this tape as 2 tracks (Side A & Side B) from my friend Gen, who
was in the band Ruido. This rare tape, as well as another i'm about to put
up next, were ripped by Zach from xBrainiax. 71 tracks of compiled
recordings that Rupture released as a tape in 93'. Needless to say, took a
while to split and edit properly, but well worth it if you're a fan of Rupture !
Track list included in download. This was posted on Velha Escola Nova
Escola blog a few months back, but without my knowledge, dude
downloaded it from my personal files.

Reposted September 16, 2014


  1. Unless you are from Rupture or xBrainiax, this is not your rip. Plus I spent a week splitting all these tracks from 1 MP3. If this is not Zach from xBrainiax, or someone from Rupture, you are sadly mistaken.

  2. How the hell did it take you a week to split one mp3 into 71 tracks? I've done the same thing in an hour or two (yes, even for a full 90 minute tape with tons of songs) when I rip tapes...

  3. I did both tapes in less then a week, 71 + 83 tracks, double edited, and was working a full time job, plus other shit. You may be able to rip shit, but you won't be able so split and edit as fast as I can. Who is this ? It's obviously not the person who ripped my rips, cause that was Zach from xBrainiax, if you read the posts.

  4. is it possible to put this and the marijuana mushroom moments tape up again? Got here a couple of years too late.