Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ancient Filth - Demo (2010) Boston

                                  I recieved this file from my friend in Boston, ex-singer of
                                  Scatterbrained. This is a fairly new band featuring Matt from
                                  the once active band Fruit Salad, very good demo !!!!!

                                     01. Fumes (light the fucking match)
                                     02. Too Young (fuck adults)
                                     03. Forefathers For The Apocalypse
                                     04. Black Liquid Death
                                     05. Egokill
                                     06. American Privileged Brat
                                     07. Fuck With Life
                                     08. Push To The Limit
                                     09. Macho Man Savage
                                     10. New Generation (Zero Boys)
                                     11. Ancient Filh


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