Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Molemminpuoleinen Varma Tuho - tracks from split 7'' with Total Recall (2011) Finland

Found this band by downloading Total Recall, another Finish band on one of their splits.
When there were only the Total Recall songs, I went searching for the other band on the split
and found their bandcamp. Couldn't download the tracks from their releases, by my friend G68 was magically able to record their releases as 1 track, then I split these releases. Incredibly great fastcore band in the vein of D.S.-13's faster stuff, but probably faster ! Awesome band !!!!!

01 Muntadhar al-Zaidi 
02 Viimeinen läpinäkyvä siunaus 
03 Babylon 
04 Sormi perseessä 
05 Syy, seuraus & ikaros 
06 Liemi teki minusta kykloopin 
07 Ien-Inkinen
08 Raastavan fataali ihmisyyden destruktio
09 Ydintuhon jälkeinen päivä on huominen

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