Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Asshole Parade - Demo Tape (1995) Gainsville, florida

This Demo I found on the Student Ghetto Violence CD as 1 track, had to split it, they
always rule ! I've known Travis from Asshole Parade for a few years, so finding the info
on this rare tape was fairly easy. I believe he said there was only like 30-50 tapes that were
made, so you are fucking really lucky if you own a copy ! He also added that it was
recorded for the price of a 12 pack of Old Milwaukee, haha, nice !

Asshole Parade - Demo was recorded in November/December 1995.

Asshole Parade - 1995 Demo Line Up
Travis - Vocals
Jon - Drums/Vocals
Brian - Guitar
Chris - Bass/Vocals

01 Gurgle Forth
02 President Speaks
03 Maturacide
04 At Loss
05 Who We Are - 06 Stapled Not Nailed
07 Untitled (never released or played Live)


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