Sunday, August 28, 2011

D.S.-13 - Live in U.S.A., 2001 (taken from ''No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead'' cd) Sweden

This Live set (or tracks from many Live sets from their U.S. Tour) comes from
the last track on the No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead cd. Thought
it would be cool to split this one into tracks, great Live set ! 

01 Nuclear Holocaust
02 Lies
03 Eran Profit Varan Dod
04 I'm a Cop
05 I Hate You
06 D.I.Y. or Die
07 Can't Watch This
08 Fight
09 If This Is Hardcore
10 Reclaim The Streets
11 Thrash Lifestyle
12 Society Scandal
13 I Won't Dance To It
14 Not My Fight
15 D.S.-13

Link reposted 4-5-2017

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