Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gross Negligence - Self Titled 7'' (2009) San Diego, Ca.

I found this recording on the music program i'm on. Found it as 3 tracks, decided
to edit it properly. Might have been posted on a blog as 3 tracks as well at some
point in time, can't remember. The songs were recorded closely together, so this
was slightly more challenging to split. Awesome band ! Fast and ripping hardcore,
with an early 80's feel ! Reminds me of Ill Repute meets RKL, with newer
nuances of hardcore as well. This ep shreds from start to finish !

01 Skate The Apocalypse
02 Free Emilio
03 Tough Guy
04 High On Stress
05 Smash It Up
06 Decay
07 Outro

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